Monday, September 05, 2005

what a month

september is shaping up to be quite a month for me......
It seems that the early mid life crisis that i detected deep within me earlier in the year has leached its way to the surface and it is slowly oozing out of my pores..... slowly and incessantly.

Firstly, my boredom with work has hit an all time low so I have been looking for more exciting ways to spend my time. No other occupation has leapt out at me so that was put on hold.

Then I watched an episode of Enough Rope last week and was amazed by the young woman who was talking about her past few years with the various cancers that keep cropping up and how she had treatment for one cancer wile she was still pregnant with her little boy. I was so touched by her wish to see him grow up and what kind of man he will be..... and you could see that the chances for that were pretty slim.

Then I used some down time to flick through some old diaries that I had picked up from my mums (now that she is clearing out her storage, all these little treasures are surfacing). As I went through some old travel diaries I was reinfected with the joy of the unknown and how wonderful it is to be on the road.

All these things stewed somewhere in my subconscious until I had a light bulb moment - a corner was turned and the answer was laid out in front of me.....I have been wanting to do the Camino walk in Spain for years and always put it off til I was older..... well, sadly I am now older but have found myself in a situation where I have no debts, no dependents and no real responsibilities tying me to my home. NOW is the best time to get this trip under way.SO, after quietly freaking out I realised that this is possible..... I have bounced the idea of a bunch of people in the last few days and so far only one negative response and about 10 "go for it" responses.

So, the plan is to pack up the job (either at the end of the year or just before leaving), find someone to take over my rent while im away, start exercising and saving and then head off in April/May next year.

The walk itself is about 900km (like Sydney to Melbourne) and will take about 30 days. Im planning on allowing about 6 weeks so I can stop and play if I find towns that look cute. It wont cost much as it's a pilgrimage and pilgrims are treated with respect and receive cheap and simple accommodation and food for the duration.Ive never understood why ANYONE would go on a long walk, and I guess I still don't, but there is a part of me that knows that I have to do this and soon.

.... off to plan my 06 adventure :-)