Monday, February 13, 2006

practice walk

The last two weekend i have walked part of the Coast Walk in the Royal National Park and Im really impressed. Week 1 i walked Bundeena to Wattamolla which was about 16km and on sat i started at Garie Beach and got to Burning Palms beach. This week was less km's but very hilly - up up up the headland then a steep decline on the other side, across a beach then up and over the next headland 4 times....... the final up-hill on the way back nearly did me in though. Sun was hot and I was a bit over it all by then!

Will give Garie to Wattamolla a go next time. Thats a lovely section of the walk too.

I love the people you meet along the way who are a mix of locals, o/s visitors in awe of the views, campers who have hiked in for the night, couples who seem to have different degrees of attraction to the great outdoors, groups taking a hike, adventurous surfers seeking a break away from crowds etc.

Then little ol' me on a day hike wondering what on earth she has got herself into :-)