Friday, August 25, 2006

travel mantra

it is what it is...
it will be what it will be...
acceptance is the answer...
flexibility the key...

go with the flow

Friday, August 11, 2006

mountain hiking - a short photo tour

After taking me on an easy walk to warm up, Gunther took me on a 2 day hike up Möseler above Lake Neves. I started confident and assured that today was 2 hours uphill to the hut we would be staying in for the night.

Three hours later (!) we reached the point where we had to cross the raging whitewater of melted glacier. Gripping the flimsy wire I crossed the frigid water. This photo is from a slow motion re-inactment - I didnt look that calm the first time across!

We then had some time for a spot of skiing on the glacier. The melting snow is forming multiple rivers down the mountain side so we crossed another few on our way.

When we made it to the hut after 4 1/2 hours (! hmmm) we were treated to this lovely view and a dramatic sunset over the peaks as we sipped on some res wine! All the breathlessness of the climb to 2450m is now worth it.

Day 2 and we backtracked for an hour before starting on the traverse around the mountain face. Here is a lovely little glacier that we had to cross. Only short but got my pulse racing a little as we had to cross another river on the other side and my boots felt a little laking in the neccesary grip! Of course it wasnowhere near as dangerous as I felt it was - i just dont come across these conditions every day.

Then I saw the secret on the way down. These little kids had hired their grandpa to drag them up the hill! How can I get one of those. Pure genius!

Then after a futher 4 hours we came down to this lovely view. Two clear days in the mountains capped off with glass of their local brew - Perfection!

more pics of Italy on the flickr page here

Monday, August 07, 2006

lost and found

Ill start with the bad news..... beacuse its quite bad.

After I finished the camino I collected all of my most valuable momentos together to send home for safe keeping.

Into a box I put my Compostella (the certificate of completion of the camino), my credential (the pilgrim passport stamped at each stop), my t-shirt and sourvenirs from Santiago, the beautiful pendant (that I bought with money I was given from a friend to "buy something special"), and most important of all, the CD's with the photos that I had taken along the way (ie: the ONLY high resolution copy of these pics)

And now over 2 months later the box is missing in action! Not in Spain, not in Australia and not able to be traced!

Trying hard not to think about how irreplacable these items are!!

But on a brighter note I had a previously lost item come back to me most unexpectedly, so that has renewed my faith that someitems just go on a detour on their way home.

Before I left Sydney, some friends gave me small items to bring with me. One of these gifts was a cotton braided bracelet from Penni and Emmanuel which I wore immediately. It slowly started to stretch and soon I could pull it off over my wrist. before I had a chance to tighten it I noticed that it had slipped off, sometime around the 3rd week of the walk. I felt really sad about that because it when all you have is a few light possessions on your back, small sentimental items take on greater significance.

So I had assumed that it had dropped somewhere along the path in the mountains. Then, after 2 months and multiple packings and unpackings of my backpack, I found it had come out of my bag and was tucked half under the bed in the house I visited in Switzerland....... somehow....

Perhaps this little momento had hidden itself somewhere in my bag to jump out just when I needed a reminder that sometimes the lost can be found again.

But still, if you have any psychic ability that you would like to use, see if you can see where my precious little box is hiding......pleeeease.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Homework for returning to Spain.....

How to sleep a Siesta:

To fully enjoy a siesta it is very important to have a good lunch with friends or/and relatives.
1. The real siesta takes place in bed and in pyjamas, but a comfortable sofa is also fine if no bed is not available.

2. Timing is very important. A siesta should last between 15-30 minutes, no more.

3. Don't let anything disturb you. The siesta is a very serious business. Some people can't enjoy a siesta unless the TV or radio is on. If these kind of things help you to fall asleep, use them.

4. The best way to wake up from a siesta is to hear a delicate human voice. If you don't have anybody near, remember to use an alarm clock.

Tips:· Right after the siesta, a glass of water and a piece of chocolate will make your life easier. ·

Disconnect all telephones!

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Love it!!