Wednesday, March 28, 2007

...and out another window

Mojo Project Fotos 016, originally uploaded by Sabihabeautiful.

we have an inordinate number of windows in our flat (plus alot of chairs....but thats another story...i mean there are 4 of us but we have 13 chairs!!!) and this is one in the hallway that I opened for the first time last week...... and this was my reward!

I love the clothes lines between the windows and this lady kindly colour coordinated for washing for my photo!

Meet my first born...... tortilla!!

Mojo Project Fotos 004, originally uploaded by Sabihabeautiful.

Well, this is an achievement in my kitchen.... an emergency text to Ruben for the quantities, some valuable help from Charlotte and then ....voila!..... a tasty warm tortilla for our picnic in Retiro!!

You can see Kath´s salad in the background and the Sangria that we sipped in our lakeside patch....

R.I.P - the second tortilla was not photographed and will not be discussed...... fingers crossed the third is more like its big sister!!