Tuesday, December 11, 2007

between shifts....

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after the work do last week, i walked the streets home - the are quiet and peaceful, but still populated with the night workers, the silent army who clean and sweep and wash away the grim of the day before. These bins will soon be emptied and the city will be ready for another day. I too, need some sleep for the new day......because they pour fiercely strong drinks around ére!!

hike in Patones, North of Madrid

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a fabulous day in the mountains north of madrid. finally, we had time and a car and a sunny cold autumn day to walk, talk and think.

a quick catchup

Ive had trouble logging on lately, so very behind here......

As a very brief update, we went to Toledo last weekend as we had a 4 day holiday......ooooo the Spanish are crafty with their elongated weekends. ITs a lovely town with lots of sweets and swords and twisty windy cobbled streets. We didnt have enough time to see everything so we will try to go back another time - perhaps when there is snow as its supposed to be beautiful.

WE experienced a rocky start to the day when are little beast got caught on this wee hill. Poor pet had no guts to go up the hill without momentum and a standing start so after much wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth, we got a tow truck to drag us to flat land where we were safe...... a little embarrassing and stressful but after a 3 hour delay we could start our exploration of Toledo. As a city that was occupied by the Moors, Christians an Jews AT THE SAME TIME, its got an amazing place in the history of spain and really, in the history of the world, in terms of shared learnings, cooperative translations of texts and religious acceptance.

With Ruben working and studying hard, Ive spent most weekends in his village while he recovers. its getting colder and we love walking the dog through the huge piles of Autumn leaves and rugging up in our hats and scarves.

His mum has been giving me cooking lessons and this week we cleaned and gutted boquerones (like fresh anchovies) and marinated them in vinegar - delicious! BUt really a gross process that was hard to enjoy. Eyes and brains and guts have never been a favourite of mine.

Only two weeks to Morocco and we have a place to stay for the first three nights, for Christmas itself, then we are free to get lost in the southern areas that we want to explore. Probably will hire a car and we will be taking the tent, so a few nights of relative luxury will be heaven!!

Its 2am and i must get to sleep, but will try to update more soon........zzzzzz