Monday, March 17, 2008

Bilbao DAY 1

After being a little nervous and apprehensive this week I finally boarded the train and took the 6 hours to Bilbao, main port of the Basque region. And I feel really good now - once I start one of these trips, the nerves wear off once Im on the road and everything pans out in a calm, orderly way. Of course I dont know what Im doing or where Im going, but that means that I can be flexible and see what happens naturally. So, today I feel strong (mentally) and a litle underprepared physically. Today will be a good test for what my body is capable of this week....

I would like to start the Camino today but I dont know where it is, so now that ive had the complimentary breakfast from my hostel (very nice one here), I will see if the lady at reception knows anything, and if so, Ill get started. Otherwise Ill need to stay here to the day, venture into the centre, wait for the Information to open and get some maps etc there. But think Id rather head off.

ITs a grey and cool day but thats perfect walking weather for me. As long as it doesnt bucket down, Ill be happy.

So, more soon - Im off to investigate.....

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