Sunday, January 11, 2009

Madrid is a winter wonderland

IMG_9582_x, originally uploaded by Sabihabeautiful.

We woke up on the 9th to news that it had been snowing all night and that it would be coooooold outside. Damn, this was my first early morning back at work with no boots to wear.... I tentatively went out and found, to my delight, Madrid nestled under a soft, powdery layer of white snow, with plenty more falling.

I watched it fall through my first class, craftily wrangled my way out of the afternoon classes, woke Ruben up and went to the Retiro to enjoy this unexpected treat together.

We took some photos, which don't really capture the mood, but its the best I can share. Click on this photo to go to my Flickr site if you want to have a look!

The next day there was still alot of snow on the ground but the cars had arm loads scrapped off them by the kids having fights after school, the sidewalks had turned to ice but the sky was clear and blue and an early full moon rose above it all.